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Interview Prep

As I sit typing I'm sucking on an Uncle Joe's Mint Ball, preparing myself for a day as an Interviewer. Thoughts are rushing through my head, Can I do this ? Will they like me ? How do I stop the nerves - theirs and mine ? But the voice inside my head that speaks the loudest is the one that shouts - You were born to talk !! Of course you can do this ! Why wouldn't they like you ! (One of them at least has too, seeing as she's your mum!!) and the nerves will go if you just be yourself !!

This is the first set of interviews and the launch of the project which I've spent months describing to family, friends, funders - in fact anyone who'll listen, who all think it's a great idea. I'm really excited to meet the men and women from the community of miners that shaped me as an individual and to hear their memories, in their own words. And what better place to hold them than at Lancashire Mining Museum, with its impressive Head Gear and Engine House (The last one standing in the Lancashire Coal Field), and grounds full of mining equipment.

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