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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my memories make it into a song ?

Hopefully all interviews will form the basis for a song, but please don't have that in your mind when we chat.  I want to hear your stories and memories without any influence.  The 'nuggets' will appear

Can I be interviewed with colleagues ?

Yes - I'd love to have more than one of you in the room and hear you reminisce about the fun times and specific incidents, so spread the word to your friends and colleagues - the more the merrier (within reason of course)

Where will I be interviewed ?

Interviews will be held at local venues around the North of England.  Hopefully that will mean there will be one close to you.
Don't worry I'm happy to travel to you in my trusty campervan.

Will We be recorded / filmed ?

As part of the interview process I'd like to video and audio record our chat.  This will save me writing everything down and missing something really special.

Will the recordings / footage be used publicly ?

Yes, snippets from the interviews will be interspersed between the songs on the albums, along with footage being shown during the tour and on this website and social media

Will the interview be archived ?

Yes, the audio / video footage will be archived at the Lancashire Mining Museum for future generations to enjoy.
Interviews from outside of Lancashire will also be submitted to Mining Museums in the relevant locations for their archives.

Will I appear in the Booklet ?

All interviewees will appear in the booklet with a full page dedicated to each that have a song written from their memories

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