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Colliers Code of Conduct

Today marks the launch of the first music video that accompanies the first song recorded back in September.

The first set of interviews has confirmed that it takes a special type of person to become a Miner. Miners are a breed of men who are loyal, hardworking, strong, kind and full of mischief. They have the coal running through their veins, and the camaraderie between them all even after all the pits have closed is still strong and visible for all to see. They will always 'Have each others backs' and follow the unspoken Code of Conduct.

Interviewing John Tattum, Billy Hancock, Jim Housley, Ian Henderson & Ian Alty was an absolute pleasure, all were willing to share their experiences, good and bad. I even got to interview my mum.

Thanks has to go to the interviewees for giving up their time and memories and The Lancashire Mining Museum at Astley Green Colliery which is well worth a visit if you haven't already been, for allowing me to conduct the interviews at their site. David Crowley and Adam Dawson did a fantastic job of recording the memories and creating the video to accompany the first song of the project. Thanks also has to go to John Kettle for his production skill along with his ability to pick up any instrument (including the banjo) and arranging the song.

The second song has already been written and will be recorded in the next couple of months..... so watch this space and if you want to be involved, please do contact me and we can arrange an interview.

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Dec 04, 2021

It was a pleasure to be part of recording some mining memories. The song and film is excellen.

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