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  • Corrie Shelley

Who said 'Don't work with Children or Animals?'

As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded 'The Mine is Yours' Project, I was asked to run 3 song-writing workshops with a local primary school at The Lancashire Mining Museum Astley Green.

Combining all the sounds of the site we recorded in our first workshop, with the lyrics we wrote in the 2nd and 3rd workshops, we have completed our song 'Mining Coal'.

Whoever said "Don't work with children or animals" didn't have the opportunity to work with the thirty 8 & 9 year olds I had the privilege of spending 3 afternoons with. They were a joy to work with. Enthusiastic, interested and full of ideas.

The year 4 children from Our Lady's Catholic Primary School did an exceptional job with the lyrics, which we can't wait to perform it live at 'The Mine Is Yours' Festival on 1st October.

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