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  • Corrie Shelley

How to Control The Flow of Ideas.... You Can't !!

You can be doing a simple task, like brushing your teeth or making a cuppa and an idea will pop into your head that is totally unrelated to the task that you're currently undertaking.

As usual, my brain choses the inopportune moment of climbing into the shower to 'shower' me (literally) with lyrics for my first mining song of the project. Doesn't it understand how important this song actually is ? Couldn't it have opted for when I was sat with a pad and pen and warm brew for this spark of inspiration ? It's operated my body and every waking and sleeping thought for the last 50 years, so it knows how much of a butterfly I am when it comes to remembering things !! So, after the quickest shower in the history of our house, I run (quickly walk) dripping into the bedroom and do a 'brain dump' of the words I want to include - will my brain let me chose this as it's process this time - of course not, it wants to add the tune and get the lyrics all in the right order and rhyming where it's supposed to - even though it obviously knows that my guitar is sat on it's stand downstairs waiting patiently for me to strum it's strings as I wait for the kettle to boil.

I'm now dressed and the song has been reviewed and rewritten in places, played to my personal critic (hubby) and recorded into the app on the phone (so I don't forget the tune).

I'll leave it for a few days before coming back to it to finesse.. Now where did I put that cuppa :)

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