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Song No1 is in the can !!

What a great feeling to be back in the recording studio with the magician that is Mr John Kettle (Merry Hell). As is our usual format, I play JK the 2 or 3 tracks I want to record and he choses the one that 'speaks' to him on the day, the one he knows instinctively what he's going to add. Guide track was laid down, before adding the various instrumentation, we even included a banjo !! (Please don't let that put you off !) Then into the vocal booth to record the vocals and harmonies. Lots of giggles and chat and the signing of NDA's later the first track of the project is now recorded and ready for airing.

When can you hear it? I hear you ask!! Well it will be played live at the Sutton Manor Reunion party on Friday 17th September - after all it was based on the interviews with Jim, Ian and Ian, so it's only right that they get to hear it first. Then it will be sent to the radio stations for playing. I'll post links to the radio show websites.

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